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Base Price per 1U: $139.00 / Monthly

  • Network Port:  1Gbps Public and Private Ports
  • Network Bandwidth:  1,000 Mbps connection speed, 5 TB per Month allowed data transfer
  • Network Carriers:  Corebackbone, Seabone, Internet-one, and 8 Internet Exchanges
  • IP Address:  /29 (5 IP ADDRESSES)
  • Management:   Remote reboot, 24x7 Hardware Support

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Load Balanced Server Clusters


Create your own dedicated & private cloud

  • Scalable:  Scale from 3 physical servers to 1000's, as your business grows
  • Highly Available:  Each additional node provides more redundancy
  • Complete Control:  Allocate specific resources per each application
  • Instantly Provision:  Add new nodes with a few mouse clicks
  • Completely Isolated:   This is your dedicated cloud, not shared!

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Media & Storage Servers


96 TB of Storage Capacity Per Server

  • Enterprise Hardware:  Supermicro Chassis, Server Class Intel Xeon Processors
  • Network Performance:  1Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 10 Gbps Public and Private Uplink Ports
  • DMCA Friendly:  Switzerland is Neutral, does not have treaties with the US or EU
  • Privacy:  Read more about   Private Layer's Enhanced Privacy Policy

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Offshore Corporate Hosting


Protect your business data in a neutral jurisdiction

  • Exchange Email Hosting:  Mailboxes or Dedicated Exchange Server
  • Offshore Dektops:   Virtual Windows desktops, complete with MS Office
  • File Storage:   Encrypted transfer and storage solutions
  • Offshore Trading:   Fast, Secure and Private virtual desktops configured for online trading

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